To All Pantonic fans and supporters:
Pantonic Steel Orchestra extends our sincere thanks to you for your past support of our members and musical activities.  We look forward to your continued support and enjoyment of all our musical endeavors for this years and beyond.
Our 2005 Spring season begins with a bang... You can catch us at:
  • May 29 - Pan Masters Pan Jamboree: DC/Maryland
  • June 11 - Crossfire's annual launch/barbecue: Brooklyn/New York
  • June 12 - Pathmark's Multicultural Festival (with Women In Steel): King's Plaza, Brooklyn/New York

Pantonic News
Live performances on the web...

Pantonic working on new 2005 cd/dvd

Our fans can catch live performances of Pantonic on the When Steel Talks website Stage One and  Stage Two ... (http://www.panonthenet.com/PanHouse/stage1.htm)  and (http://www.panonthenet.com/PanHouse/stage2.htm)
You can get copies of our world famous CDs Pantonic Live! - Tonic For The Soul - and Evolution by contacting us at pantonicds@aol.com
Additionally, you can order the DVD of our panyard performance of our 2004 Panorama selection (Celebrate aka Bonnie and Clyde).  It is available on the New York Panyards 2004 DVD
For information about advertising on our website contact us at pantonic1@aol.com
For more information and booking info go to www.Pantonic.com

Pantonic Steel Orchestra
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Contact Pantonic at 1-718-434-0231 - www.Pantonic.com


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