Any combination of players from single tenor, through steel quartet, steel quintet and percussion section to full 100-piece symphonic  steel orchestra, is available for all occasions throughout the year.  We can also provide soloists.  Costs are very reasonable and the players' quality and professionalism is guaranteed.  Please contact the administrator for availability and prices.



Pantonic Steel Orchestra [Concert side] is one of the most prestigious steel bands in the world.  Highly regarded by the music industry, one can see why this 6-25 concert piece band deserves the reputation they have acquired.  Perfect for that special themed night, Pantonic Steel Orchestra's special blend of high energy big band, soca, jump-jive and R&B ensures that the dance floor becomes impossible to resist.  Highly sought-after band leader Keith Roberts, is supported by musical arranging skills of remarkable originality and talent, thus providing clients with a truly memorable musical extravaganza.  With musical works on over 7 CD recordings to date, it's no surprise that Pantonic Steel Orchestra invites attention from around the world.


Pantonic Steel Orchestra [Symphony] - For nearly eight years the Pantonic's 100 piece plus symphonic  Orchestra has prided itself on being amongst the foremost organizations involved in breathing new life into the music of the new steelband movement. Led by master arranger and living legend Clive Bradley and captained by Keith Roberts, Pantonic has won one of the world's most prestigious music titles, New York Steelband Panorama Champion, four times in its seven-year existence.  Pantonic's large orchestra is one of the most respect music entities in the world, and has an enormous adoring and supportive fan base worldwide.

The 100-musician orchestra has performed on the best concert stages, and is best suited for large concert halls. More significantly though, over the period of it's development, the orchestra has become world renowned for it's entertaining 'WOW factor' which combines hot jazz, and sublime dance melodies with sophisticated musical passages that have become classics.  Fantastic entertainment for a sophisticated occasion.


Pantonic Steel Orchestra [Stage Side]  is a superb combination of excellent musicianship and wonderful visuals.  Their traditional attire adds that authentic feel to any special event.  The 6-15 member versatility of Pantonic's Stage Side extends far and beyond their music.  All instruments are portable and require no amplification allowing them to fit into fairly compact areas.  They also sport a musical trio with a wealth of experience and bring a special blend of tradition and fireworks to any occasion.

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